Memorial to Sandra

Updated: 16 February 2023 -- Posted something on my personal blog about the 20th anniversary of Sandra's death, as well as a comment about possibly raising funds for a memorial park bench for Sandra in Richmond.
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My beautiful wife Sandra, 1958-2003. Picture taken Christmas day 2002. Please enjoy these pictures of Sandra. If you have any that you would like displayed here, please contact me and we'll arrange it.

My sincere thanks to my friend Arthur in the UK who did such a great job of turning a technically-poor (because of bad exposure by the camera) digital photograph into the picture you see of a radiant and smiling Sandra on the right. This picture was taken on Christmas day in 2002. Unfortunately there were distractions in the background and Sandra was in a shadow, but Arthur used his skills in the manipulation of digital images and turned the picture into the last truly great picture taken of Sandra. Thanks to Anna for taking the original photograph.

Please click on the thumbnails to bring up a full-size copy of each picture. To save a copy of a picture to your own computer, right-click the picture and select "Save Image As...", "Save Picture As...", or something similar from the pop-up menu. After looking at the picture, click your browser's back button to return to this page.

Original Collection

Sandra with Freckles and Molly. Sandra in Jerusalem. Sandra on her night out.
Sandra and Craig. Wow! Sandra at Garibaldi Lake.

With Family

Sandra, Christopher Hartnett, Craig and Elizabeth Hartnett at Hallowe'en 2002. Sandra with Christopher Hartnett. Sandra holding Christopher Hartnett.
  Sandra holding Christopher Hartnett.  

Hawai'i, May 1999

Sandra exiting helicopter. Sandra in Honolulu. Sandra at Punchbowl Cemetery.
Sandra on the bridge of the battleship USS Missouri. Sandra exhibits her keen sense of humour.

Some More of Sandra

Beautiful shot of Sandra while on a holiday. Sandra and Alex in Fort St. John. Sandra in Scotland.
Sandra visiting Lake Minnewanka. Sandra in 2002.
Sandra chatting on the phone. Sandra chatting on the phone.

A Couple More with Me

At least one of us looks good!   Early hours of New Year's Day, 2003.

Memorial Service

Valentine's Day roses. Flowers. Memorabilia display.
  Family picture and tea cup.  

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